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Anonymous said: I have been out of the sex game for a while,but recently found a new partner. Had late drunk sex with him last night and both him and I were unable to bust... He kept going and going I didn't even know a man could hold it in this long.. eventually we called a break lol What usually causes this and how common do these ruts happen? I have a really nice body so I cant help but feel like it was me and my lack of experience..

Hey there!  I’m definitely not an expert, so I hope I don’t lead you astray, but it could have been the alcohol.  Alcohol can decrease arousal, sexual desire, and make it harder for men to ejaculate.  I would guess that it isn’t because of you or your experience level.  If that worries you though, you should probably talk to him about what the two of you enjoy and what works for you so that you know what each other like for future experiences :)

This video is over an hour long, but it is really cute.  I think this girl won a contest or something to make an amateur porn with James Dean.  The beginning is them hanging out and chatting, and the actual porn starts about a half-hour through.